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     Dancin in July (pier and fte)
     San Francisco (flash fwd) April '05
     Feb '05
     Stevie xMas '04
     xmas '04

     Coop-5 30 year reunion
     Harley in Port Townsend
     Peggy visits
     On the road to Port Townsend Washington
     Jeff and Mikaya : May 2004
     Madeline and Guy : May 2004
     Jo and me at Point Dume
     Last Sunday Dance at Helms Bakery
     Karin & Paul at the Disney Center, xmas lights 2003

     Kathy's Aug 05
     Peggy June 04
     Getty w Peggy 03
     Tanja June 04
     Carolyn & Parents Dec 03
     July 03 (Julia, Paula, Lorraine)
     Lorraine's July 20th
     Lorraine June 03
     Julia June '03

     Kritix's in concert
     Harley July '03

     Kathryn & Rebecca's BatMitzvah - Back East Trip -May 2003
     Family X-Mas day 2002 (San Diego)
     Harley 0 to 13 (1988-2001)
     The Fairhaven Years 1974-78
     Rother family slides from 1947-59
     Harley's Barmitzvah photos 1
     Harley's Barmitzvah photos 2
     Harley's Hair July 2002
     Harley's Hair July 2003

Eleanor Rother memorial
The Rother Clan 1995

Beltaine Festival - May 2003
Iwo Jima Photo
Three Events
Killing Me Softly
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Marci's Burningman Article
Squares game

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Paul's Professional Life

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