Paul Rother is a technologist, creative visionary and expert programmer in the entertainment industry with over 25 years experience in digital and interactive media throughout its many different incarnations. He has worn the hat of producer, director, graphic designer, interactive designer, team leader and programmer. Director-MX, DirectorMX, programming, Lingo, teach one week intensive class in Director MX, TrainSimple, a Macromedia approved training. hybrid CD-Roms (Mac and Windows) Compact Disc Interactive. FlashMX, Flash-MX, Flash MX2004, ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Python, Perl Flash-MX Flash ActionScripter. I interface with databases and know PHP, SQL & Coldfusion (database, XML and parsing straight text files). Flash Remoting dynamically loaded images 3D, slide shows, photography, games, video, audio, DVD, etc. HTML / CSS, QuickTime Unix/Sun based development. Photoshop with JavaScript, batch process images Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Sorenson Squeeze, MovieCleanerPro, Excel AppleScript, XML, Python, Forth Linux, UNIX, Windows98/NT/2000, MacOS, Apache Visual Studio, Codewarior professional, organized, experienced, fast. digital media, user interfaces, real time applications, film and video graphic effects; and land-based / theater entertainment and electronic music systems What is Who is Paul Rother Designers Contact Paul Rother Where's Mary? Director-MX Class Flash Data Driven Slideshow Left Brain Websites (FlashMX, Shockwaves, PHP) Small Business Websites Left Brain Applications Left Brain Games & Widgets Left Brain CD-ROM's & CD-I (cdi) Inexpensive Hosting EMail List Management Services Bandwidths and Capacities Chart Book Recommendations Introduction to ActionScript for non-programmers ActionScript: Watchers, Listeners and Callbacks Computer Animation in Perspective '74 Digital Productions, Bob Abel and Associates, John Whitney, Sr. Homer and Associates 1982 LaserMedia 1983 Pink Floyd 1987 diverse entertainment, theatrical, multimedia, Internet, land-based entertainment, and evolving technology applications., Santa Monica, CA Independent / Freelance contractor. Laser effects for Pink Floyd's 1986 World Tour LASER installations at Walt Disney's EPCOT Center and Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia Robert Abel Films, Robert Abel and Associates, Digital Productions, Trans-American Video, and Homer and Associates. Avica Technology Corp. High Definition (HD) video playback system for theatrical exhibition use. (Digital Cinema) SMPTE-292, DVB-ASI, MPEG-2, RAID-0/10, etc. multi-user craps game Java and C++ for Windows. Metapa - developed template interactive media engine, using Flash, Generator, Python, XML, and home brew SWF generation programs. Wrote a Director-8 extension (xTra) in C++ for continuous sound playback. Electronic Press Kits (EPK's) CD-ROMS Meridian Medical Technologies - CPR KIDZ ABC's of CPR. Red Cross. Mind / Body Interactive - Somacare - Developed design specification, schedule, budget, business plan, and working interactive demonstration. Total Media, Inc., Santa Monica, CA Titanic- an Interactive Exploration, Sun Princess Kiosk, Great Day at the Races, and Wine!, The Complete CD-ROM Guide. Princess Cruises. Philips Interactive Media, Los Angeles, CA Tell Me Why I and II, Golden, Cool and Classical Jukeboxes. Laser graphics programming language and a real-time laser vector graphics system, ZAP. Digital Productions, Los Angeles, CA Homer And Associates, Hollywood, CA automated motion control optical printer / digital raster graphics paint/rotoscope system. multi-tasking multi-processor Z80 real-time 24-channel visual mixing system. authoring system Laser Animation control: Graphics editor, animation compiler, Microprocessor EPROM based pseudo machine laser graphic controller, Interactive/macro/precompiled control modes, Timecode synchronization, fireworks / relay interface. Lighting control: Cues, crossfader, multiprocessor channel system, embedded firmware. Motion control: Various RAM and EPROM based stepper controller, 3D & 2D moves, pan, zoom, focus, 35mm, 16mm, optical printer, 2D paint system overlay. Real Time: Embedded control, Music - MIDI sequence